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"LEGO Worlds" Takes On Minecraft

Created on 01 June 2015. Posted in Gaming

... The world can be populated a range of characters, creatures, models and vehicles. These are suggested as building blocks to create adventures although whether game mechanics are include as in Disney Infinity’s ...


Created on 04 April 2015. Posted in Gaming

... garrison campaigns, one of the main story delivery vehicles for WoD. These quests are available only once per week, and once again, the result is a decision that serves no purpose but to artificially ...

How to Run Defiance MMO

Created on 30 July 2014. Posted in Gaming

... holds virtually no value for high-level players), and some exclusive vehicles. What this $100 pack doesn’t include is any of the game’s DLC. For that, you’ll need to cough up another $40, or about ...

Castithan Charge Pack

Created on 25 August 2013. Posted in Gaming

... Blades Dark Matter Arkfalls 4-Player Vehicle New Storyline Missions And More: New Pursuits. Duels. Outfits. Charge Weapons.      ...