"LEGO Worlds" Takes On Minecraft

Written by Artemis. Posted in Gaming


Hot on the heels of LEGO Dimensions comes another long expected innovation from the house of brick, LEGO Minecraft. Or as it will be called LEGO Worlds.

Under an open world banner of “explore, create, discover” LEGO Worlds offers an almost endless array of procedurally-generated starting Worlds made entirely of LEGO bricks.

Once generated, as with Minecraft, you are free to manipulate and dynamically populate with LEGO to your hearts content. As players progress and explore each World they can unlock new themes and abilities ranging from cowboys and giraffes to vampires and polar bears, to steamrollers, race cars, and colossal digging machines!

A range of environment shaping tools enable colossal building tasks to be achieved. Raise terrain to create huge mountains or piece together intricate constructions brick-by-brick.


Player creations can then be saved for later use and shared with the community. The world can be populated a range of characters, creatures, models and vehicles. These are suggested as building blocks to create adventures although whether game mechanics are include as in Disney Infinity’s toy box is unclear.

LEGO Worlds is currently in Early Access on Steam and will have features added over time. Current features include Procedurally Generated Worlds, Terra-forming and Building tools, Discoveries and Unlocks, Ride-able Creatures and Vehicles and of course a Day/Night Cycle.

LEGO Worlds

Future features have been listed as Underground Cave Networks, More Biomes, Pre-Generated Towns, Red Brick Extras, liquid behaviors, Cut/Copy/Paste chunks of landscape and Underwater Gameplay.

“LEGO Worlds embodies the physical, LEGO brick-building fun that consumers have enjoyed for decades, on a digital platform that delivers an entirely new type of experience with the beloved bricks,” said Tom Stone, Managing Director, TT Games. “From the brick-by-brick editor, to discovering an expansive range of items, characters and creatures to populate your worlds – the creative possibilities are endless.”

This is another interesting move from LEGO, Warner and TT Games and time will tell whether it can make in roads to the Minecraft obsession.

Editorial Comment: Irony is they own the rights to Minecraft in Lego form....