Minecraft Update 1.18 out Today on PS4, PS3 & PS Vita, Here’s All the Patch Notes

Written by Gabrielle. Posted in Gaming

Less than a month after 1.17, Minecraft update 1.18 is now available to download on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita in Europe and Japan, with a North American release happening a little later today (Update: It’s out now on PS4 and PS Vita).

Written by Jason Dunning
Valid on all three PlayStation platforms (and Xbox One), here’s the list of patch notes:
*Added Greek Mythology Mash-up Pack trial content.
*Added Acacia Wood, Acacia Planks, Acacia Fence, Acacia Fence Gate, Acacia Door, Acacia Slab and Acacia Stairs to the Creative menu.
*Added Dark Oak Wood, Dark Oak Planks, Dark Oak Fence, Dark Oak Fence Gate, Dark Oak Door, Dark Oak Slab and Dark Oak Stairs to the Creative menu.
*Fixed a crash when approaching Villages, Desert Temples and Jungle Temples if the save that was loaded had a partially discovered Village/Temple in it.
*Fixed an issue with stacking doors.
*Fixed the Oak Door recipe not giving 3 doors.
*Fixed an issue with the Set Day button in the Host Options menu.
*Fixed an issue stopping players removing Leads from Fences.
*Fixed Minecart with TNT having no igniting animation.
*Fixed an issue with Mobs being unable to pass through an open Iron Door.
*Fixed an issue where reaching the maximum spawn limit of villagers prevents spawning baby villagers after some of the villagers die.
*Fixed doors being destroyed when placing them on an upper Slab.
*Fixed an issue where players with no privileges could make tamed Wolves stand up.
*Fixed an issue where players with no privileges could kill Snow Golems.
*Stopped players being able to destroy Minecarts when ‘Can Build and Mine’ privilege is disabled.
*Stopped players being able to open Minecart with Chest, Minecart with Hopper, and Saddlebags when ‘Can Open Containers’ privilege is disabled.
*Fixed an issue with disabling weather cycle and saving causing other host options to be wrongly set.
*Fixed an issue with Wolves not taking damage properly.
As 4J Studios also confirmed on Twitter, “The Minecraft Greek Mythology Mash-up Pack will be out today on all platforms!” You can see a video of the pack below.