Castithan Charge Pack

Written by Artemis. Posted in Gaming


The first Defiance™ DLC Pack is here! Unlock the Castithan playable race and battle your way through new Sieges, Story Lines, and Pursuits. Arm yourself with special charge blades, take to all-new Battle Arenas, and prove yourself the Castithan way.


Key Features:


  1. New Playable Species: Castithan
  2. 5 New Battle Arenas
  3. Volge Sieges
  4. Melee Weapons: Castithan Charge Blades
  5. Dark Matter Arkfalls
  6. 4-Player Vehicle
  7. New Storyline Missions
  8. And More: New Pursuits. Duels. Outfits. Charge Weapons.