Lucy Lawless Says It’s ‘Way Too Early’ to Say If She’ll Be in New ‘Xena’

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If we live in a world where Bruce Campbell can kick evil dead ass again as Ash, surely there’s a possibility that Lucy Lawless can swing a sword once more as Xena?

When Lawless hit the red carpet for the premiere of her new series “Ash vs. Evil Dead,” which debuts this Saturday on Starz, nostalgia was running high with her longtime pal and once-and-current co-star Campbell reveling in a return to the role that put him on the pop cultural map. The actress joined SPINOFF Online for a chat about not just her addition to the “Evil Dead” universe, but that famous Warrior Princess as well. News broke over the summer that “Evil Dead” creators Sam Raimi and Robert Tapert (the latter of whom is Lawless’ husband) inked a deal to allow NBC to develop a new “Xena” series. So the question is: Would Lawless be in or out for the next incarnation?

SPINOFF Online: How did you find what your particular comedy contribution to this crazy mix was going to be? Did you see it right away? Did you know how you were going to be funny in this?

Lucy Lawless: No. In fact, my character, I thought, was not funny at all, but I’ve seen some things that worked, which surprised me. It’s like, “Oh, you keep them there…” That works, and that’s very specific to me. I know how to make that work. So it’s a little bit of trial and error, actually.

With the crazy weapons that you guys have to use, what did you find that you had a weird aptitude for?

Well, Jill [Marie Jones] will tell you: anything that’s sword-like. So it might be the arm of a guillotine, like a paper guillotine, or knives and things are fine. Guns, ridiculous — I look like a moron with a gun. A person you should never, ever give her a gun license to. It was written that that’s what she did, and it’s completely easy for me to deal with those kinds of [bladed] things, but like I say, with guns, I just look bad. I was so unconvincing with a gun.

Everybody’s already buzzing about it — when did you know, “Yeah, this is good”?

Not until we saw the first cut of the first episode. It was so true to the original, the second, “Evil Dead.” The first responsibility is to please the fans. The hardcore fans that really were responsible for bring this, stars, pulling all the resources, but the fans kept the demand alive, so you don’t want to let them down. So we are very proud and confident that that’s not going to happen.

We finally got word that there maybe is going to be some fresh incarnation of “Xena” around the corner.

I hear that. I’ve not heard any update. Rob’s in the middle of the Indian Ocean somewhere, fishing, so I don’t know where that’s at.

If you had your druthers, would it be you?

If I had my druthers, it would be me in a one-off comedy with Renee O’Connor, Bruce Campbell, and Ted Raimi. Just a ridiculous kind of… Do you remember the “Carry On” movies? They were British. It would be an American version of, I don’t know, some insane, just getting-the-band-back-together for some insane mission that we’re all on. We’re forced to bring one another back. An unusual alliance. We have to solve a great problem.

That would be my dream scenario. I would not play Xena, probably, in a TV series because it’s just the physicalities. But I don’t know — it’s amazing what they do with stunt people these days.

Could you still be Xena and maybe pass along the title or name of Xena to somebody else? Could you still kind of be a part of it in some way? Maybe there’s a second-generation kind of a Xena?

Well, it would depend on are they going to honor the original intent of the show? Which is about empowerment and honor of the individual. People who are different, marginalized people, all that stuff. That’s the heart of the show. So you have to keep that covenant.

I don’t know what they’re going to do or what they’re going to write. So it’s way too early to say whether I would jump it. Could be something completely different. They could fill it with T&A — in which case, that for me would be a deal breaker. It’s like, “Over to you. Bye-bye.”

Source: Spinoff Online  By: Scott Huver