Jacqueline Kim To Appear On 'Last' Con

Written by Andrealoverke. Posted in Xenite News

A few more guests are added to the 'last' con list for February in Burbank. So far there will be:

Lao Ma in Xena, Jacqueline has more recently made appearances in Threshold, The West Wing, ER, Star Trek Generations, and other series and films.
Appearing Saturday on stage and doing autographs and photo ops that day as well, Jacqueline will also be appearing in our Saturday Evening cabaret and she has an amazing singing voice.
Famed to worldwide audiences because of his work as Iolaus on 79 episodes of Hercules: The Legendary Journey, Michael also played this role on three episodes of Xena as well as Charon on two episodes, while also directing 6 episodes of Xena and 6 of Hercules and 2 of Jack of All Trades. Further he directed 7 episodes of Rob Tapert’s and Lucy’s Spartacus: War of the Damned and 7 episodes of Rob’s Legend of the Seeker. Of course he has continued his career as one of New Zealand’s most popular performers, and in all our years of doing conventions we’ve never found anyone who can really do it all quite like Michael and his beautiful wife Jennifer Ward-Lealand who is also joining us. What a joy to have them both back to American for this special finale show and we might add that Michael and Jennifer are so cool to work with and so nice to their American fans
We couldn’t do it without them, they are truly awesome talents! Appearing Sunday tentatively.
The gorgeous Jennifer has brought her talents to countless New Zealand productions on television, film and theatre making her one of that nation’s most beloved actresses, American’s know her as Zahra and Boadicea of Xena: Warrior Princess. We’ll never forget the two person show that Jennifer did with husband Michael Hurst some years back at our cabaret: they really brought the house down and showed us how amazing versatile and talented they are.
We are thrilled that Jennifer is with us on Sunday, especially since her New Zealand schedule is always rightfully maxed out. They really have to plan to be with us way in advance because of the demand for their work in their native nation.
Writer of the popular Xena episode When Fates Collide, Katherine has since gone on to executive produce and write ARMY WIVES and he firms NEW YEAR’S EVE, THE PRINCE AND ME I and II, and others. She is also a great inspirational speaker!
Attending Saturday.
Cyanne of Xena
“Sarge” of Cleopatra 2525, Shalimar Fox of Mutant X, Victoria has continued to work on TV shows over the years and is one of our most requested guests
We’re happy to welcome here one last time at our last Xena event to honor all the great times she’s given our audience over the decades! Appearing Sunday, tentatively, Victoria will tentatively also take part in our exclusive to GOLD PATRONS Sunday morning breakfast.
Day of appearance to be announced. Musetta will have a table in the vendors room (days to be announced) where she will meet fans and sign autographs for a nominal fee.
Appearing Sunday on stage, Paris will also do autographs and photo ops Sunday and participate in our Sunday exclusive to gold patrons breakfast.
Appearing on stage Friday, The gorgeous and talented Tsianina is indeed a worldwide favorite with Xena fans who loved her work as Varia on four episodes of the series. Since Xena Tsianina has been involved in various projects and remained a friendly presence at our conventions. She will be signing for Gold attendees at the convention. Others will be able to purchase her autograph ticket for a nominal fee.
David’s work as Brutus on four Xena episodes have made him well known to Xena fans worldwide. His starring role in Farscape for 25 episodes only added to his genre popularity. Since then he has been in a series of varied television productions and is always a popular presence at our annual Xena Convention. Appearing on stage Friday, David will also return on Saturday and Sunday to meet more fans and do additional autographs and photo ops.
After portraying Brunnhilda on Xena, Brittney has gone on to be part of numerous television series and other projects. She has become one of our most popular convention guests and she will be appearing on stage Saturday . Brittney will be signing autographs on a complimentary basis for our Gold Weekend Patrons, others will be able purchase her autograph for a nominal fee.
Eve/Livia and Megaera
Appearing on stage Saturday. Adrienne has spent the years after Xena doing a series of at least 40 different projects including voice over work on many of the Star Wars video games. Adrienne will be signing autographs on a complimentary basis for our Gold Patrons, others will be able purchase her autograph for a nominal fee.
One of fandom’s and our convention’s most ardent supporters, Steve has always been a true pleasure for us and all Xena fans to know. He makes himself quite available to the attendees and along with appearing on stage Friday he is often seen at the convention chatting and meeting new fans.
Throughout the years of Xena Conventions, Claire has always been one of the audiences (and ours!) favorites, so it is a pleasure to welcome her back in her finale gathering. Appearing Saturday.
Danielle makes her long awaited return to the convention as we wrap up our Xena events. Appearing Saturday
Hudson’s singular spirituality always adds to these conventions and here’s your chance to experience her one last time on stage. Hudson will appear on stage Friday for the entire audience. She will also participate in our Sunday Breakfast as well as do her yoga class on Friday and Dance Workshop on Saturday. These workshops will be priced at $119 and last two hours. Her autograph will not be part of any ticket package and must be purchased separately.
An incredibly gifted entertainer, Renee can really do it all and her fans have embraced her many projects since Xena that have taken her into independent film making, including directing and public speaking, as well as continuing to act. 
Appearing Sunday